Success Stories

These are the men and women of asphalt. Listen to how they got into the industry, how they have been able to build their careers and what they love about working in the field.

The employees make the job easier and everyone works as a team
— Vonne Harvin

I got involved in the asphalt industry…

“…because I did a heavy equipment class that was sponsored through SCDOT. That was my first time actually being on any heavy equipment. Once I got involved with that, I fell in love with it.

Anyone who’s thinking about getting into the asphalt business, please come, join us. It’s fun, it’s hands-on, it’s a lot to learn. For my future in asphalt, I hope one day to have a superintendent job.”

- Ebony Jennings


You don’t have to have a degree to do asphalt work. Give it a try. I gave it a try and I am going to retire here.
— Joseph Crim